Hooked Tag by Unknown Artist

This rare item of early medieval silver work was discovered near Prees, just a few miles from the Whitchurch Heritage Centre in Shropshire.


2.1 × 1.7 × 0.1cm
Art Fund grant:
£800 ( Total: £1,100)
Acquired in:
Department for Culture, Media and Sport

The hooked tag, which may have been used to fasten clothes, or possibly a purse or bag, is finely decorated with an animal motif and is in near perfect condition. Whitchurch Heritage Centre’s remit is to chart the history of the town and surrounding areas, and this object handsomely bridges the gap in the collection between a locally found Roman mirror and a 15th-century gold ring, which was also purchased with the support of the Art Fund.


Found by metal detector, Prees, 2011

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