Meticulously drawn and painted posters for imaginary erotic magazines about Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth; five photos recreating moments in the life of Jackson Pollock from the perspective of the canvas; a filmed music hall performance starring a fictional raconteur.

Mel Brimfield's wide-ranging multimedia works draws on photography, experimental theatre, writing and painting to build alternative realities, using fake documents and records to bring to life a universe populated by Brimfield's performances and collaborations with other artists. Selected following discussions between the museums' curators, Mel Brimfield and her gallerist, the 19 works acquired highlight key moments in Brimfield's career, from collaborative films created for past performances to posters anticipating her proposed 2015 exhibition at the Hepworth Wakefield. Brimfield's works were acquired through Testing Media, an Art Fund initiative set up with the Contemporary Art Society to support the acquisition of contemporary art in new or challenging media.


The artist.

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