Klavdij Sluban was born in France in 1963 to Slovenian parents, and grew up in the Slovenian village of Livold.

He returned to France at age seven, eventually establishing a permanent base in Paris. His work shows a diverse range of influences, from his early education in Anglo-American literature and work translating Slovenian poetry, through to his work as freelance photographer documenting war in Yugoslavia and Slovenian recession. He was awarded the Niépce Prize for French photographers in 2000 and the European Publishers Award for Photography in 2009. In 2014, Sluban was commissioned to create an exhibition for the Guernsey Photography Festival. The resulting work, Inhabiting Exile, was the culmination of his residency at Hauteville House. Taking as its subject the interior and grounds of the house, the photographs explore the interplay of light and shade within the building, focusing on individual details and objects from a thrown shadow to a piece of lace.


The artist.

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