The Maestro dei Riflessi was an 18th-century Venetian artist working in the circle of Pietro Longhi, possibly as one of his students, as established by the Italian art historian Terisio Pignatti.

The name 'Riflessi' (meaning 'reflections') was derived from the master's distinctive style, characterised by lively brushwork, particularly in the rendering of costumes. Many of Longhi's paintings were engraved by the French artist Charles Joseph Flipart, whose engravings were used sources for copies by Longhi's followers, including the Maestro dei Riflessi. These paintings are both larger than Longhi's original conversation pieces and, like Flipart's engravings, the compositions are reversed. The Encounter of a Procurator with his Wife is a copy of a Longhi original currently held by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, while the original 'Lover' of a Venetian Lady is thought to be lost.

Artists include


Alfred Beit; Alice Angela Beit; thence by descent.

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