Ocean is an installation of 1,000 slip-cast porcelain pots and considered one of Daintry’s finest works to date.

Her love of the material qualities of porcelain is expressed through the exquisitely produced porcelain pots which give the sculpture its form. Her great skill as a colourist is demonstrated by the wide range of glazes used for the pots and the way she combines the coloured pots in order to intensify their colours and to create movement in the work. The pots are cleverly arranged to form an ‘ocean’, a reflection of the artist’s fascination with nature, water, movement and colour theory, and with our emotional responses to form and to colour – a ‘fluid and fugitive’ substance which Daintry likens to the sea. The work will be shared by and toured around five partner museums and galleries – in Nottingham, Oldham, Rochdale, Carlisle and Preston – in a consortium that stretches out along the spine of Northern England, with each venue given freedom by Dainty to install the work intuitively and on its own terms.


The artist.

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