Qureshi is one of generation of Lahore trained artists who are investing the traditional mode of Mughal miniature painting with a new rigour and intensity, injecting contemporary themes and a conceptual sensibility.

This work is a miniature painting on a monumental scale (the term ‘miniature’ derives from the red oxide pigment traditionally used rather than the size of the work). It is the second in a series of work made as a memorial to two young men who were beaten and killed in the Punjab city of Sialkot in 2010 in a tragic episode of mistaken identity and mob vigilantism. The marks, splatters and drips borrow from the gestures of action painting, placing the artist inside the work. Closer examination reveals exquisitely rendered lotus flower blossoms emerging from the viscous crimson substance. The modern miniature practice of Qureshi forms an illuminating commentary on historic Indian miniatures and ‘Company’ paintings in the Bristol collection. It complements two other works presented through the Art Fund International scheme earlier in 2011 including another work reflecting on the Sialkot murders. This work was presented by the Art Fund through Art Fund International.


The artist.

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