The first Falmouth Art Gallery was opened in 1894 and featured work by Hemy, Tuke, Sargent, Whistler, Leighton, Forbes and the Knights among others.

The Falmouth Packet reported: ‘First among the pictures comes a large and beautifully arranged group of roses by the veteran painter Sophie Anderson, whose famous picture The Choristers has been known and appreciated in every land. Daring and rich in colour and design the hangers Messrs C.Napier Hemy and W.Ayerst Ingram have given it the post of honour in the line as number one.’ This work is believed to be the same piece that was exhibited at the opening of the first gallery. Although she had an international standing and influence and was a major figure in the artists’ colony at Capri, the Artist has today largely been forgotten. Presented to Falmouth Art Gallery by the Art Fund to celebrate the life and contribution to Falmouth Art Gallery of Brian Stewart


ChristieÂ’s, 2010.

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