Both works depict the harbour of Newhaven, situated less than 10 miles from the Museum and are important examples of the artist's work in the 1930's.

The first work is a rare example drawn from a small series of collages that utilise newsprint, they depict the harbours and cliffs of East Sussex. The work illustrates the artist's inventive use of collage as a technique to update his earlier faux naive style. The second work was made en plein air and marks the artist's open engagement with figuration whilst maintaining the visual shorthand of abstraction. After acquisition, a third work was discovered on the reverse of 'Newhaven, The Castle'.


1) Myfanwy Piper, 1964; SothebyÂ’s, 1997, private collection; 2) Railings Gallery, London; SothebyÂ’s 1998; private collection.

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