The Hepworth Family Gift consists of 44 working models (surviving prototypes in plaster and aluminium from which editions of bronze were cast) including Winged Figure, 1961-2 (main illustration); five drawings made in 1925 and a large group of Hepworth's lithographs and screenprints.

Also in the Gift is a group of works by artist friends formerly owned by Hepworth, including paintings by John Wells and Breon O'Casey and ceramics by Janet Leach. Hepworth also owned some ancient and 'primitive' objects, including Neolithic and Cycladic works, which are also part of the Gift. The Gift will be central to the permanent collection at the Hepworth Wakefield, and will illuminate Barbara Hepworth's working methods and creativity.


The artist's daughters, Rachel Kidd and Sarah Bowness through the Trustees of the Barbara Hepworth Estate.

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