Beagles and Ramsay are a well established artist duo based in Glasgow.

This selection shows the development in their practice. 1-2) a documentation of a performance where Graham Ramsay (dressed as Robert DeniroÂ’s character in the film Taxi Driver) goes to number 10 Downing Street to deliver the Prime Minister a piece of paper on which is written: 'We are the People Suck On This'. This piece of paper is signed by the artists (main illustration); 3) Two meticulously crafted 'doppelganger' ventriloquist dummies, hand built by the artists using traditional techniques; 4) Two framed self portraits of the artists with the dummies, mimicking 'British music hall' entertainment and in a slapstick, melodramatic, grotesque style; 5) A video in which the 2 dummies speak to the viewer in short fragmented sentences about their needs and wants, which is a development from the previous work.


The artists.

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