Fischli & Weiss have been collaborating since 1979.

They are known for working with photography, sculpture, installation and video. In their whimsical and highly executed work they combine a use of ready-made materials with labour intensive production to create conceptually playful artworks. 1-3) The three photographs were selected from the 'Equilibre' series where everyday objects are photographed balancing at the moment before collapse; 4) This small sculpture is an introduction to the sculptural practice of Fischli/Weiss and an early example of their use of rubber as a material to cast as if it were a 'high art' material such as marble; 5) Der Lauf Der Dinge is the artists' most famous work showing an unedited documentary of a chain reaction created by everyday objects 'set-up' in the artist's studio. Fischli/Weiss have influenced the work of many Scotland-based artists represented in the Glasgow collection. This collection was presented by the Art Fund through Art Fund International.

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