This is a rare portrait of the composer Gustav Holst with an image of his wife sketched in the margin.

It is a sensitive likeness emphasising the self-effacing modesty of the man. Sir William Rothenstein is a major British artist, known for his portraits of celebrated men of the early 20th century. This work is an original drawing for the artist's book, 'Twenty-four Portraits' published in 1920 which contained drawings of important men of the period alongside biographical sketches of his subjects. The Holst Birthplace Museum is dedicated to celebrating the life and work of Gustav Holst and to encouraging the understanding and playing of his music. Only two other portraits of Holst are known to exist.


Mr & Mrs Edmund Purdom; Christopher Raeburn, 2008; Alexandra Raeburn, 2009. The work has been vetted by the Art Loss Register.

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