Dream was commissioned by local ex-miners and St.

Helens Council as part of Channel 4's Big Art Project, an ambitious public art commissioning initiative supported by the Art Fund and Arts Council England. The Big Art Project seeks to inspire and create new works of public art, commissioned by communities, as well as debating the importance of art in the built environment. Dream is a landmark new sculpture on the site of a former coal mine in St. Helens, next to a busy motorway where it will be seen by millions of motorists each year. The sculpture is the artist's response to conversations with the ex-miners group and members of the wider local community, who sought a forward-looking piece that would provide a beautiful, inspiring, contemplative space for generations to come. The work is intended to become a gateway feature for both Merseyside and Greater Manchester at the heart of the Northwest and to symbolise the remarkable regeneration of the whole region.


Commissioned by local ex-miners and St.Helens Council as part of Channel 4's Big Art Project

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