Four of the windows are based on the designs by Edward Burne-Jones 1) St.

Peter; 2) St. James the Greater; 3) Virgin Mary and Christ Child and 4) Christ Blessing Children; 5) Minstrel Angels is based on a design by William Morris and 6) Christ Ascending is based on the design of J H Dearle. The stained glass was commissioned to glaze the windows of the Cheadle Royal Hospital Chapel. The hospital plays an important role in the history of the enlightened treatment of mentally ill patients during the 19th century, and is therefore an important part of Stockport's history. Morris & Co was renowned for the quality of their glass and designs with many commissions from educational and religious establishments for windows. The vendor has donated £3,000 towards the purchase of this acquisition.


Cheadle Royal Hospital, acquired by Affinity Healthcare in 2001; Haslam & Whiteway.

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