This installation occupies an entire room and consists of a shop mannequin perched on a toilet; a table holding a glass and a broken clock; a ladder; and a stained painting on canvas, lying on the floor.

The items refer primarily to Wilkes's life, with the mannequin forming a stand-in for the artist, with her art (represented by a stained canvas) placed next to her. The ladder has two items - the racquet and a child's plastic box, hanging from it - referencing Wilkes's young son, who is a constant presence in the artist's recent work. The broken clock on the table alludes, in classic vanitas style, to the passing of time. The drink cans and dirty glasses refer to the traditional female tasks of shopping and housework (similar items reappear in other installations by Wilkes). Wilkes approaches traditional themes with fresh insight. The work fits in well with the collection at SNGMA, which is strong in surrealist art.

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