Jacir lives and works in Ramallah and New York and has become known for work that often highlights the restrictions faced by Palestinians such as freedom of movement.

1) She filmed her commute to work for eight days, including her passage through the Israeli checkpoint where she had her passport thrown in the mud and was held at gunpoint. 2) Jacir asked Palestinians what music they would choose to drive across their country. The resulting film is a view through the car's windscreen accompanied by Jacir's compilation of their suggestions. 3) A two-channel video informed by the artist's experience of living in Ramallah and New York. The video interweaves images of travel agencies, hairdressers, delis, shwarma shops, and arghile bars in both sites, whilst recording the movement of people to and from these two locales. This is the first time JacirÂ’s work has been acquired by a UK public collection. Presented by the Art Fund through Art Fund International.


The artist.

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