This work was spotted by the museum at Collect 2008, the Craft Council's contemporary craft fair.

The Art Fund initiated a new scheme called Art Fund Collect to provide curators with early access to the fair and the promise of 100% grants. McManus was among the ten shortlisted institutions at the preview. Although they did not purchase this work through the Art Fund Collect initiative, the Art Fund encouraged them to reapply through the Small Grants scheme.'Haruka' is a Japanese word meaning 'far away, in the distance, remote' and the artist wanted to capture the purity of a clear sky in the distance through the perfection of the glaze. Fukami is one of Japan's most renowned ceramic artists and takes particular pride in his impeccable, flawless surfaces and strives to achieve his ideal of pure, elegant forms and surfaces, an intense pursuit of perfection.


Joanna Bird Pottery.

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