The actress Marguerite Moreno is portrayed in a bridal veil against an autumnal landscape, with leaves falling th the ground, probably in homage to the late portraits of Burne Jones, or the image of the 'Mona Lisa'.

The whole is a highly-skilled representation of woman both as beauty, but with an element of decay hinted at in her beauty, very much in line with the spirit of much 'fin-de-siecle' painting. The artist used a powdered gold background which was current in ceramics at the time. The painting thus represents a cross-over or link between the fine and decorative arts in 19th century France. The work relates beautifully to a ceramic plaque by Helleu in the collection which was ArtFunded in 2005.


Peter Nahum; Capes Dunn, Manchester, 2007 (unsold).

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