The Rawlinson Bookcase is perhaps the greatest piece to have been made by Gillows of Lancaster.

Gillows spared no efforts to impress the rich and powerful Mary Rawlinson, for whom it was made, employing their most skilful craftsmen to execute the wholly exceptional carving, marquetry and superb veneers on it. It is an important acquisition for Lancaster as the original owner and Gillow company were based there and there is a strong likelihood that the finest mahogany used to make it was imported by the Rawlinsons to Lancaster, which was the third largest port in England. The Art Fund grant was given with support from the legacy of the late Richard Wilson Harris.

Artists include


Mrs Hutton Rawlinson or her daughter; by descent to Gurney family; auction in Oxfordshire, 2000; London dealers; Apter-Fredericks, 2000.

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