A collection of 42 prints by Thomas Moran and other members of the Moran family.

Bolton Museum & Art Gallery holds the largest public collection of work by the MoranÂ’s outside the United States. Thomas and Mary exhibited 150 works in Bolton in 1882 and the rest of the collection is a result of that show. Thomas Moran was born in Bolton and emigrated with his family to America as a child. Mary Nimmo studied painting and drawing with Thomas in Pennsylvania and they were married in 1863. Peter Moran was Thomas's brother, John Leon Moran and JLG Ferris were Thomas's nephews and Stephen Parrish was taught etching by Peter Moran.


Various US private collections; acquired by Rona Schneider Fine Prints (New York) from house sales, regional auctions and private collectors over a period of 30 years. This collection has been vetted by the LSAD database in 2007.

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