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Art Assembly

A day to explore how art can make a difference.

Art Assembly is a one-day festival featuring a dynamic programme of workshops, talks, displays and performances from leading arts organisations across the UK.

The first Art Assembly was delivered by Art Fund in partnership with Waltham Forest, London Borough of Culture 2019, to explore how art can make a difference to communities. See below for details.

Art Assembly 2019 - Walthamstow

The first Art Assembly took place in Walthamstow on 23 November 2019, with a line-up that featured a dynamic programme of workshops, talks, displays and performances, all within walking distance of William Morris Gallery.

On the day, some of the UK's leading arts organisations showcased their pioneering projects – from transformative theatre performances to art activism addressing a range of issues from mental health to climate change.

Featured partners in 2019

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Main image credit: Naomi Edmondson, Survival Techniques / Talk Art image credit: Tom Lardner for Plus Agency, London

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