Folkestone Artworks

Kent, CT20

Folkestone Artworks is a public art collection on permanent display in spaces around the town.

Cornelia Parker, The Folkestone Mermaid, 2011

The Folkestone Triennial leaves a very visible legacy in the town. Each time the festival comes round, the Creative Foundation commissions major works of art in public spaces. Many of these remain on public show, becoming part of the expanding Folkestone Artworks collection.

Currently boasting 27 works, the collection includes some iconic symbols of the area, including Cornelia Parker’s Folkestone Mermaid at Sunny Sands and Patrick Tuttofuoco’s Folkestone sign on the Harbour Arm.

Tracey Emin’s Baby Things, commissioned for the 2008 Triennial, is a seven-part collection of bronze sculptures, including a teddy bear that sits on a platform at Folkestone Central railway station. A poignant addition to the collection came from Mark Wallinger, whose Folk Stones comprises 19,240 numbered stones, the exact number of soldiers killed on the first day of the Battle of the Somme in 1916.

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