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From the grotesque to the wonderful, this exhibition examines how the body and self are transformed, manipulated and reshaped to create a new ‘self’.

The exhibition questions if technological intervention has out-paced natural order and examines how artists are imagining our ‘engineered evolution’.

In natural evolution, humans are required to adapt to the environment; with engineered evolution, we begin to intervene for human preferences and desires. Some of the works on display dissect what we are while others lean into tomorrow to imagine what we might become. From growing a human hand to electrifying blood, these artists have created another way to look at our bodies and minds.

The exhibition also reflects on a past artistic example of this reshaping of ourselves. With Marvel comic art we can show a familiar depiction of how artists have reshaped the human body. The comics illustrate this progression, and how external influences from the art world impacted comic art.

The exhibition also features other contemporary artists who have also used the technology of today to reimagine and reveal the human body. With this new technology artists have been able to go even further in exploring the state of us, and where we might be in the near future.


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