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Paul Nash’s guide to Dorset is extraordinary. It was published by the great oil giant “shell oil” as one of a series of guidebooks for motorists on British counties. Nash produced a guide which he filled with stirring images, poetic speculations on deep time and sets out the vision of landscape as a surrealist object.Though Nash is known for his investment in spirituality, and phenomenology Nash also had a prescient post human vision for surrealism and ideas of the ontological real informed by science. Wild Stone considers this and the the conversations about time, geology and place held with Eileen Agar, her terms ‘Wild Flow’ and ‘Womb Magic’ in relation to embodied relationships with the geologic, and the International, decolonial and political reach of surrealism.

Each artist has used the book, its spiral binding, mix of papers and descriptive and poetic texts and images as a provocation and motif to make a work for a new publication WILD STONE - exploring the cityscape and rural landscape as a surrealist object - of wild stone - replete with the forces of physics, geology, and deep time as well as human cultural action.

Come and see this new publication over the weekend of 28th and 29th May 2022, and take the opportunity for a self-guided visit round the Van Gogh House.

Guided tour tickets can be booked separately.

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