Talk Dreamtime to Machine Time: Aboriginal Art by Rebecca Hossack

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Rebecca Hossack traces the story of Aboriginal art from Dreamtime – the creation of the Aboriginal universe – to its recent renaissance in the contemporary art world. With paintings from different geographical areas, Rebecca reveals the meaning of symbols, and talks about the Aboriginal people’s deep reverence for the land. She also discusses her personal experiences of visiting artists in Australia; inviting them to visit her in London; and taking artist Clifford Possum to meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace. The lecture demonstrates that Aboriginal paintings are not just magnificent works of art expressing the artists’ pride in their remarkable culture: they have been used in Australian courts of law as documents to prove ownership of areas of land larger than England.

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Millais House, 7 Cromwell Place, tube South Kensington,, SW7 2JN

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tickets 15 (includes wine and nibbles) 6.30–8 pm
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