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Don’t let the doors close on imagination. Help us raise £1 million for the places you love.

Museums are places of possibility.

They give us space to think, create, relax and relate. They enrich our lives and bring us together.

But the Covid-19 crisis has been a catastrophe for museums. They need urgent financial aid: to care for their collections, support their staff and keep connecting with people everywhere.

For these vital places across the UK, it’s make or break.

We are so grateful to the thousands of people who have helped us raise £1 million for museums so far. These much-needed funds will help them respond to the Covid-19 crisis with creativity: to rethink how they work, make their venues Covid-secure and take exciting projects out into their communities. Thank you.

As museums will still face enormous financial challenges when reopening, we are keeping the campaign open for a limited time so that as many people as possible can support them on their road to recovery.

Now is a critical time for us to help museums survive the devastating impact of the pandemic – and shape a brighter future.

Join #TogetherForMuseums: Please donate to help us protect the places you love.

Visitors to the Garden Museum after it reopened following national lockdown, © Janie Airey/Art Fund 2020

Visitors to the Garden Museum after it reopened following national lockdown, © Janie Airey/Art Fund 2020

Why donate?

Museums’ funding models have been shattered by Covid-19.

Many museums are charities, receive no public funding, or rely on volunteers. For those that have been able to reopen between lockdowns, social distancing measures have severely limited income – visitor figures in October 2020 were just a quarter of what they were in October 2019. Following months of closure and uncertainty, many face the real threat of not being able to re-open at all.

Among museums we surveyed, 92% said they need to ‘adapt and innovate’ to survive.

The good news is that our funding helps them do exactly this.

How you can help

Since summer 2020 Art Fund’s emergency funding has enabled organisations like the Roald Dahl Museum to take their amazing collection to students who can’t visit; Aerospace Bristol to create a digital storytelling experience; Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art to commission emerging artists; the Postal Museum to make their interactive exhibits safe; and much more exciting activity.

But the demand for help is huge. We were only able to support 15% of the 451 museums who applied to our emergency funding before it was exhausted.

Now we are asking everyone to come together for museums during the biggest challenge of our lifetime, and empower the UK’s beloved museums to reimagine a better future.

Making a difference across the UK

Every donation, of any size, will go directly towards vital museum projects all around the country.

Explore the updates to discover how this funding is already making an impact near you: facilitating everything from pop-up museums and outdoor exhibitions to learning resources for home-schooling.

Please donate today, and stand #TogetherForMuseums.


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Christopher, Rickmansworth

23 January 2021 - 22:02

Shout out to Dirk Bouts, thank you, very good well done. Also love to M. J.G. Berizzi and Palais des Beaux-Arts, and of course J.P. Getty for making the whole thing possible.

My well wishes to all of you and salutations to the crew.

George, London

19 November 2020 - 09:01

The Hope 'patch'. Does that mean it's a small section of a bigger whole or is the whole thing referred to as a patch (ie. you would receive the entire image shown)? Thank you.

Art Fund

19 November 2020 - 15:53

Hi George. Thanks for your interest in the campaign and your question. The patch is of the whole image shown. Many thanks.

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