A local woman killed by a tiger, a flying monk and a balloonist who disappeared at sea – discover Malmesbury’s incredible local history at the Athelstan Museum.

Malmesbury is the oldest borough in England, an area occupied for around 4,500 years, with a long agricultural history and a more recent pedigree as the producer of Malmesbury lace. The market town itself is home to a 12th century abbey – and to Athelstan Museum.

The collection here includes objects nearly as ancient as the borough itself, with artefacts dating back to the Iron Age, as well as holdings of national significance such as a selection of Malmesbury lace.

Following a timeline that links local history with a wider context, visitors can uncover the unusual fates of notable locals over the years, see a painting of the abbey by JWM Turner and discover silver pennies struck in Malmesbury’s Saxon era mint.

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