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The Royal Photographic Society presents the first Science Photographer of the Year competition.

Since its inception, photography has bridged the worlds of art and science with images which spark and sate curiosity in equal measure. Through images of aesthetic beauty, we can tell stories about the universe and reveal places and phenomena that the naked eye will never see.

Now we live in a post-photographic world; a world in which visualisations use new ways of seeing data and scientific phenomena, from the data streaming from satellites in low Earth orbit and staining techniques that show how a fertilized egg cleaves to a way to feel atoms – Atom Force Microscopy – and cryo-EM, a development of the electron microscope that can reveal the molecules of life.

Visitors to the first Science Photographer of the Year exhibition are taken on a scientific journey through the work of the 70 photographers selected by the judges. From surprises lurking in the human body, to glimpses of exotic microclimates and advanced instruments that can provide a new view of the heavens.


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