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This exhibition celebrates Teesside's iron and steel heritage while acknowledging current industry and the region's future.

On entering the museum, visitors are able to dress-up and clock-in as steelworkers before visiting a dedicated art exhibition exploring the 'Art of Steel' by an eclectic mix of Teesside artists. Works on display range from traditional paintings of Redcar Blast Furnace's beating centre to sculpture and photography.

A recreated steelworkers' locker-room offers an experience of day-to-day life for many in the iron and steel industry. Visitors can smell, see and feel what it was like to be a steelworker, with equipment on display in each locker and audio recordings of steelworkers talking about their experiences. The space also provides a lab area with samples of the raw materials used in the steel-making process, as well as diagrams, literature and video footage illustrating the processes involved.

The history of iron and steel in Teesside from the mid-19th century onwards is detailed on a timeline, including historic photographs, video footage, interactive games and original artefacts. The final gallery explores the closure of SSI UK, and efforts to rejuvante Teesside now and for the future.

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