This exhibition of sculptural work explores the complex relationship between memory, identity and place.

Christopher James Burns presents a landscape of sculptural forms assembled from both personal and found artefacts. Arranged across three islands within the Sunken Gallery, these objects are imbued with the history, culture and visual codes that have come to define Northern Irish identity, and speak to the peculiarities of a place once aptly described by Seamus Heaney as a ‘limbo land’.

Hewn from a range of different materials and drawing on the visual languages of cartography, Christian iconography and national monuments, they bleed together multiple different sources and reference points. Culturally recognisable codes become suffused with the artist’s own personal symbology; scrambling our reading of these small, almost devotional objects.

Arranged in a manner that at times feels provisional, teetering, in a state of suspension or dissolution, these works are imbued with the sense of precarity and unease that inherently accompanies liminality; that threshold state between one thing and another.

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