Six artists shine a light on women’s histories at Knole.

Women’s rights and the rules of inheritance impacted significantly on those who've lived at Knole, due to the familial tradition of passing the 600-year-old house to the male heir.

From the complex mother/daughter relationship between Victoria and Vita Sackville-West to heart-wrenching extracts from the letters of Anne Clifford and Frances Cranfield, this exhibition brings the untold stories of women at Knole to the fore and raises important questions around ownership, relationships, class and gender identity.

Six women artists, including Turner Prize winner Lubaina Himid, interpret these themes and give a voice to some of Knole’s fascinating women through different media.

The contemporary art installations include sculpture, film, sound, performance, a website and interventions across this historic site, providing a pause to reflect on the fight for equality, its hard-won battles and those undoubtedly still ahead of us.

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