Amie Siegel: Strata

South London Gallery

20 January – 26 March 2017

The New York-based filmmaker and artist's first solo show in London.

Amie Siegel, Quarry, 2015

At the exhibition's heart is a showing of Siegel's moving image work that traces marble's journey from its excavation at the deepest underground quarry in the world to its use in the interiors of modern luxury apartments in Manhattan skyscrapers.

Also on display is a second film, Fetish, which focuses on Sigmund Freud’s personal collection of archaeological statues and artefacts.

Filmed at the Freud Museum in north London, it captures the nighttime cleaning of these items, offering an intimate insight into practices of object care.

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Opening times

Tue–Fri 11am–6pm

Sat and Sun 10am–6pm.

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