The Japanese Los Angeles-based artist presents miniature landscapes carved into large pieces of marble.

The show brings together the artist's three sculptures of island cities — Hong Kong Island (Chinese), Little Manhattan and the recently completed Venezia — each intricately miniaturised into a single block of marble .

Sone carves these three-dimensional cities in collaboration with marble artisans in a village in southwest China, where he keeps a studio.

Exhibited together for the first time, they pay testament to Sone's interest in landscapes, whether natural or architectural, and the way in which they capture light relates them to a genre primarily associated with painting and photography.

Interestingly, since he first started working on the sculptures in 1998, the technology he has used to plan out the cities has changed significantly. For Hong Kong Island (Chinese), the artist relied on maps, aerial photographs, and frequent trips to the island. To create Little Manhattan, he added helicopter rides and an early version of Google Earth. For Venezia, completed earlier this year, Sone made almost exclusive use of the internet application and undertook only a handful of site visits.

Also on display is a Canary Island palm tree made from rattan woven around a metal armature. Made at the artist's studio in Mexico, the leaves, stems, and trunk have been hand-painted and include naturally occurring flaws in their pigmentation. The piece is accompanied by a similarly themed series of paintings.

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