Donovan Wylie: Vision As Power

IWM London

24 October 2013 – 6 January 2014


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Photographs of the Kandahar Province taken by Magnum photographer Donovan Wylie while embedded with troops in Afghanistan.

Northern Ireland, 2006. South east view of Golf 40, British Army surveillance post in South Armagh

It was a series of photographs Donovan Wylie took of the notorious Maze prison after it closed down in 2000 that brought the photographer international acclaim. The monolithic concrete monstrosity at the centre of the troubles had infected the public consciousness throughout the 1980s and Wylie’s pictures of empty corridors and stark cells reverberated with the bitter history of conflict.

His new exhibition features an altogether different terrain, yet one just as contentious. Wylie spent six weeks embedded with Canadian troops in Kandahar documenting the arid world at the centre of the Taliban stronghold.

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‘Forward Operating Base, Ma’sum Ghar’, 2010. An extraordinary image of a concrete stronghold that emerges out of the dry dust and heat of the desert. The base is framed by mountains on either side, like a sepia painting by the German Romantic landscape artist Caspar David Friedrich.

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