This hoard of 1146 Roman silver denarii date from Roman Republic coins from 206BC to Emperor Nero in 63/4AD and form one of the largest early Roman coin hoards found in England.

The number and overall value of the coins suggests this was not the savings of an individual but may have been accumulated by several people. The latest coin in the series, in the name of the Emperor Nero, has very clear inscriptions, suggesting that it was not in circulation for long before being deposited. In contrast, many of the earlier coins in the assemblage are very worn, indicating that they were in circulation for much of their existence – in some cases 200 years. Very few of these coins would have been used in Britain before Emperor Claudius’ invasion in AD 43; this ties in with the idea that they may have been brought to England shortly after the Roman invasion as cash to pay the Roman army.


Discovered in 2008 and 2009 near Warmington, South Warwickshire by a metal detectorist and declared Treasure.

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