Our values

What makes us distinctive

We’re independent

We don’t rely on any one source of funding and are free to pursue what matters most.

We’re responsive

We understand the needs of everyone we work with, across museums, funders and audiences, and we aim to be clear (but never strident) in our response.

We’re people-powered

We are a special kind of membership organisation, with the financial strength and audience insights of 130,000 National Art Pass holders.

We’re pioneering

We have been making new ideas happen since 1903. We are happy to experiment and to fund experimentation, and we are ready to take risks.

We aim to be a quietly radical force for good,

opening out art and museums for more people.

Equality, Inclusion and Diversity policy

Everything we do is built towards supporting the museum sector in improving access to art for all. You can read our statement on equality, diversity and inclusion here.

Environmental sustainability

You can read our statement on environmental sustainability here.

Luke Jerram, Gaia

Shaping a brighter future

From the smallest local history collection to the largest world-leading art institution, museums play a vital role in the health and happiness of our society. Providing inspiration, education and opportunities for collaboration, they help communities thrive, and can provide a lifeline in times of trouble, as the Covid-19 pandemic has shown.

We believe that supporting this rich resource is an essential, ongoing and collective endeavour.

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