Street Fans

Jacob Moss at The Fan Museum, London

© Artist: Captain Kris, Maker: Sylvian Le Guen


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Funded 29 July 2017

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This year the craft of fan making was included in the Radcliffe Red List of Endangered Crafts as 'at serious risk of no longer being practised'. We need your help to raise £14,000 to launch a pioneering project which aims to put fan making back on the map.

Street Fans unites an international cast of street artists including RUN, C215, Nathan Bowen, Sr.X, Himbad & Otto Schade with master fan maker, Sylvain Le Guen to design and create one-of-a-kind fans which the Museum wants to exhibit later this year. Funds raised will support the manufacture by hand of 60 fans and enable the Museum to stage several project-linked events including a 'paint jam' and fan making workshop at Greenwich Market, a fan design competition for students at Lewisham Southwark College, and a similar event involving street artists and fan making tutors at the Heritage Gallery, Greenwich University.

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Dear Donors

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Only 3 days to go - here’s what you will help make happen if you donate

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VIP experience at The Fan Museum plus limited edition print by Butch Attai

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Partner events

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One month left to see Street Fans

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Thank You

31 December 2017 may have marked the final day of the Street Fans exhibition at The Fan Museum but what of the project’s legacy?... Read more

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