Getting to know Shahrzad Ghaffari


Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us get to 91% in these 2 weeks! We are very close to making Shahrzad's beautiful mural a reality but we can’t do it without your help - we still need to get to 100% so please do continue to help by sharing our project. To celebrate the wonderful progress achieved so far we thought we'd share a bit more on the artist behind Oneness, Shahrzad Ghaffari.

The wonderful interiors that Leighton created more than 130 years ago continue to inspire artists' today, and this will be reflected in the new spaces. In 2018 Leighton House invited a group of contemporary artists to submit a proposal that responded to the ongoing redevelopment with the creation of a piece to enhance the new helical staircase in the renovated Perrin wing. Ghaffari’s spectacular mural, Oneness, was selected by a panel of experts, who chose the piece for its considered response to the art and architecture of Leighton House, as it reflects on both the past and future of the museum.

Iranian artist Shahrzad Ghaffari felt a special connection to the house - in her own words, "Leighton House is a place where worlds entangle end enrich, rather than collide, where cultural traditions seen as separate can coexist and cross-fertilise. It’s both the intense personal vision of one man and a wider symbol of understanding, demonstrating how curiosity and openness can flow from a single point into a deep societal current."

Devoted to painting from an early age and now dividing her time between Iran and Canada, Shahrzad Ghaffari is inspired by ancient Persian poetry and her paintings channel mysticism into a new visual language. Her work explores the metaphysics of love, where human union touches the divine. As a member of the Ghaffari family, which sired such Persian masters as Sani-ol-Molk and Kamal-ol-Molk Ghaffari, Shahrzad continues a family tradition spanning 150 years.

Our campaign will run until 19 November, so there is still time to get involved! You can make a difference by spreading the word or becoming a donor, from just £5. Take a look at the exclusive rewards available - you can even get your own signed Oneness print or an original unique oil work by Shahrzad herself. Thank you!

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