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Jenny Caynes by Museum of Norwich at The Bridewell, Norfolk


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For centuries, the carved statue of Samson stood guard outside one of Norwich’s most prestigious buildings in the Tombland area of the city. There, along with his partner figure Hercules, he witnessed two World Wars and the antics of lovers and party revellers from the 30’s through to the 90’s when the building was used as a ballroom and then nightclub. However, time took its toll on this local hero who was eventually encased in layers and layers of white paint, obscuring the wonderful carving beneath.

Now, two decades after being removed from the ‘Samson and Hercules’ building for safekeeping, Samson has been restored to his former glory, and the man beneath the mask has been revealed. Curators at the Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell have ambitious plans to display the beautiful oak carved figure, putting him pride of place in the museum.

They need your help to raise £15,000 to create a breathtaking new display featuring a bespoke, state of the art, environmentally controlled case. Within the case, the very fragile figure of Samson will be supported by a new custom made, conservation grade mount. What's more, specially designed lighting will enable visitors to see every curl and sinew in tantalising detail.

Meeting the highest conservation standards, this new display will not only present Samson at his very best, but more importantly, will ensure this city icon remains in peak condition for many years to come.

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