Ten facts about Bob and Roberta Smith


1. He is most famous for painting brightly-coloured slogans on pieces of discarded wood. These are usually comedic pokes at political and cultural issues and generally support his own activist campaigns.

2. Bob and Roberta Smith considers campaigns as extended pieces of art. Great examples of this, include some of his most famous works, Make Art Not War (1997) and Letter to Michael Gove (2011).

3. He initiated the Arts’ Party Conference in 2013, where artists and organisations came together to debate the role of arts within the education system.

4. In 2015, he stood against Michael Gove in the general election, within his Surrey Heath constituency.

5. Bob and Roberta Smith’s main studio is in Ramsgate and was originally a car garage – pit included!

6. 2005 saw the realisation of Cement Soup Kitchen at Beaconsfield Gallery in London – an original sculpture by Bob & Roberta Smith created with cement.

7. Not just a visual artist, Bob and Roberta Smith also makes and performs music with a group called The Apathy Band, who never rehearse, demoralise the motivated and simply can’t go on.

8. Rock-star alliance not enough, Bob and Roberta Smith also hosts his own radio show, aptly named MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN MUSIC, on Resonance FM.

9. His real name is Patrick Brill. He assumed the pseudonym Bob and Roberta Smith whilst living and working for a short while with his sister, Roberta.

10. Bob and Roberta Smith’s passion for arts and politics has its roots in his love of punk during his younger years.

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