Charleston: The world's only complete Bloomsbury interior

Darren Clarke at Charleston, East Sussex


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Charleston is a living time capsule; the only complete example of a Bloomsbury interior in the world. One hundred years ago, it became the country retreat of the Bloomsbury group, including the artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, who painted its walls, furniture and canvases with swirling motifs and innovative, modernist designs.

Thanks to the support of our donors, the project to help restore and conserve these painted surfaces to their former glory has been a success, and within 16 days of the closing date we reached our target. The funds raised will go towards the services of conservators specialising in furniture, wood, paintings and interiors to repair the very fabric of the house and its collection. We will now be able to restore the Kitchen, Library and Spare Room; all of which are in desperate need of conservation.

However, can you help us go a little further? If we can reach 120% by 1 September we will be able protect the newly restored surfaces for the future – with a state-of-the-art environmental control system which will monitor these magnificent paintings and preserve this magical bohemian home for years to come.

Help Charleston continue to inspire future generations. Without your help, the walls will crack, the paint will peel and the surfaces will crumble. Donate now and get a great reward, including tote bags, silk scarves, framed fragments of Charleston's wallpaper and the chance to see the completed restoration work at an exclusive unveiling event.

This project is now closed, having raised 130% of the target. Thanks for your support!

The Spare Room – an individual pattern

Vanessa Bell decorated the Spare Room that we can see today in the late 1930s, having initially whitewashed the walls when they first arrived at Charleston... Read more

Kitchen – hand painted cupboard doors

Vanessa Bell hand-painted these beautiful cupboard doors in the 1950s... Read more

Life in Squares premieres tonight

The new three-part drama that features Charleston will be on tonight at 9pm on BBC 2... Read more

Have lunch with a true child of Charleston

Find out more about the fascinating Henrietta Garnett, Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell’s granddaughter – and donate for the chance to have lunch with her... Read more

Five things inspired by Charleston

As it continues to capture the public's imagination, we look at some of Charleston's most recent moments in the spotlight... Read more

Help protect these precious surfaces further

With a little extra support we can make sure that Charleston is kept in the best of conditions for future generations... Read more

We did it and a whole lot more!

Thanks to your help we've raised over £7,000 more than our target... Read more

For funders only

The work begins

Work has begun to restore Charleston historic painted surfaces in time for the reopening of the house in March, in what will be our centenary year... Read more

For funders only

Work continues apace

As the winter sun shines on Charleston, the newly restored surfaces are shining inside... Read more

For funders only

Restored rooms now open to the public

We're delighted to share the results of the Charleston conservation – made possible thanks to your support... Read more

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Darren, Lewes

13 July 2015 - 13:27

Our first update to thank our first 60 donors! Thanks for all your lovely messages and your donations to date, please remember to share this wonderful act of support with your friends and family. Thank you!


5 February 2016 - 17:01

I sent you a photo of myself to put into the Funders spot but it does not appear. Maybe I just wasn't pretty enough???!!!
Celia Clarke

9 February 2016 - 14:26

Hi Celia, we're very sorry that your photo is not showing up on the funders list. You can upload a photo to your account by going to 'Edit profile' in your dashboard and uploading an image. If this does not work, please drop us a line:

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