Big Steam Print

Lucy Jenner at Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft, East Sussex


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Funded 12 February 2016

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Big Steam Print tour dates

28 March – Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre
23/24 April – London Transport Museum, Acton depot open weekend
22 May – Brighton on the Level, as part of Brighton Festival
18 June – Ditchling Village Fair

The magic of printing is usually hidden in the sheds, workshops and studios of printers and designers. Help us to bring printing to the great outdoors – support the Big Steam Print!

We want to turn a 12.5-tonne vintage steamroller into a massive printing press, and take it on a tour of museums and festivals in summer 2016 so that everyone can watch it in action. Students, community groups and acclaimed artists – including Angie Lewin, Rob Ryan and Anthony Burrill – will produce their biggest-ever prints in a heady haze of steam and ink. Prints which survive the pummelling of 12.5 tonnes of steel on tarmac will form the Big Steam Print exhibition at Phoenix Gallery in Brighton from 6 to 21 August 2016.

We can only make this happen with your help. Support the Big Steam Print and receive your choice of brilliant awards, including postcards, tote bags and limited editions designed by our artists.

Situated in the Sussex South Downs, Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft focuses on the artists and craftspeople who made Ditchling a creative hub in the 20th century. The site was founded by sisters Hilary and Joanna Bourne in 1985 as a place to display their collection of local art, but in 2012 a £2.3m grant from HLF and other donors paved the way for a major renovation project. The museum was one of the finalists for the Art Fund Prize for Museum of the Year 2014.

A long list of artists and students itching to get started

We have been busy making lots of new contacts with wonderful artists and students who are primed ready to make their biggest ever prints with the Big Steam Print... Read more

Interview: Chris Hale, the owner of the steamroller

To find out more about the vintage steamroller, we spoke to its owner... Read more

Interview with Angie Lewin

The printmaker, painter and designed is set to make her biggest-ever linocut for the Big Steam Print... Read more

Donate to Ditchling for the chance to win an Anita Klein print

Win a beautiful limited-edition woodcut by the Australian artist... Read more

Thomas Mayo talks about his ART print

An interview with letterpress artist Thomas Mayo, who has produced a five-colour limited-edition print for a Big Steam Print reward... Read more

A rare chance to see Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft's print archive

Donate to our campaign to experience a fascinating afternoon exploring our print archives – plus tea, sparkling wine and a beautiful Thomas Mayo print... Read more

Interview with Pea Crabtree (aka Lucky Budgie Letterpress)

Pea designed the Big Steam Print linocut, which you will receive when you donate £100 (plus a tote bag). Plus, she's the one who came up with the whole steam-printing idea. Read our interview!... Read more

Interview with Anthony Burrill

Graphic designer Anthony Burrill created a letterpress print for our campaign inspired by our founders' motto that 'the most important things to learn in order to survive are how to grow things, how to make things and how to cook.' We talked to Anthony about his work... Read more

Eight interesting facts about letterpress

A range of bite-size facts on the history of letterpress printing... Read more

Interview with the Rocket Artists

Rocket Artists is a group of artists with learning disabilities who collaborate with art students from the University of Brighton... Read more

Full steam ahead!

The Big Steam Print is now fully funded. Thanks to you, thousands of people will enjoy a printing spectacle of steam and ink this summer... Read more

For funders only

Inky fun at Amberley Museum

The first Big Steam Print event took place 28 March at Amberely Museum and was lots of fun!... Read more

For funders only

Great art, great people at Acton Depot

We've made Big Steam Print: The Movie (part one)!... Read more

For funders only

Our biggest prints yet in Brighton

On 22 May the steamroller produced the most amount of prints yet at The Level, a park in the centre of Brighton... Read more

Big Steam Print exhibition!

Come along to our exhibition of 47 prints from 6 to 12 August 2016 at Phoenix Brighton... Read more

Big Steam print auction

The Big Steam Print events that you helped make happen in the summer may be well and truly over, but here’s your chance to buy a piece of print history... Read more

With thanks to...

Esther Dawson

Nash Robbins

Sabina Townshend

Gerard Connolly

Michael Burr

Sarah Crockett

Wendy Read

Lynne Bateman

Amy Foulds

Xavier Fontenille

Anna Siddall

Judith Witts

Zoe Chan

Amy Connolly

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Roger Warner

Catriona Finlayson

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Sara Savidge

Lorraine Mcnab

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David Wolske

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Jennifer Mcdowell

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Claire French

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Jucy Lenner

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Jenny Lancaster

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Mary Rutherford

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Katherine Cowan

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