A World in Common: Contemporary African Photography

Tate Modern, London
6 July 2023 - 14 January 2024

Witness African geography and culture transformed through the eyes of the country’s photographers in this major group show.

Featuring artists from several generations, the focus of this exhibition at Tate Modern is on the capacity of photography to transport the past into the present, and to capture powerful visions of the future. Seen through the exhibiting photographers’ eyes, Africa’s historical narratives and cultures are reinterpreted in film, photography, audio and more.

Visitors exploring this exhibition take a journey through bustling African cityscapes and dream-like utopias as envisaged by the artists, encountering work that centres around the climate emergency and urbanism, identity and spirituality in the country. The aim is to go beyond a conventional photography exhibition and into a radical exploration of how time is transcended by the camera lens.

Be transported across the many borders, time zones, and landscapes of Africa at the Tate Modern.

Why you should go

  • Explore multiple generations of African photographers

  • See how photography in Africa has evolved over time

  • Explore Africa's culture, history and spectacular locations

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