Mat Collishaw

Castle Howard

24 March – 30 September 2018

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See a sculpture hailed as a masterpiece and exciting new works by leading contemporary artist, Mat Collishaw.

Mat Collishaw, The Centrifugal Soul, 2016

Collishaw’s work, Centrifugal Soul, was created in collaboration with evolutionary psychologist, Geoffrey Miller, inspired by his theory that our capacity to make art stems from natural instincts of courtship and reproduction. Birds of paradise perform elaborate mating dances and extract pollen from wild blossoms in a 3D zoetrope – a pre-film animation device that creates the illusion of movement.

Also on display, and produced especially for Castle Howard, are a series of brand new C-prints showing British garden birds tethered to perches, examining our urge for visual powerplay. It was a fashion in the 17 th century to commission portraits of pets as a way of boasting, and with its backdrop of graffiti, this new work explores equivalent methods today.

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10.30am – 4pm (last admission)

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