The result of a succesful Art Happens crowdfunding campaign, this summer the gallery will be transformed into a live ceramic workshop.

Over the course of 67 days this summer, 67 volunteer apprentices will each help to paint embellishments onto a vast chrysanthemum tile panel that was created by ceramicist Clare Twomey from an original William Morris design. The apprentices – selected through a democratic process that was open to all regardless of experience – will be taught by Twomey and a highly-skilled decorative artist during their time in the gallery’s onsite workshop.

Collaboration is a key theme in Twomey’s work, and for this project she was not only inspired by William Morris aesthetically, but also practically. Morris learned his craft through training and in turn he would share his knowledge with others, recognising that it was vital for skills to be passed on in order for them to survive. He observed: ‘The past is not dead, but living in us’.

Visitors to the gallery will be able to witness the live interactions between apprentice and master during the process of the tile’s production.

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