Chatsworth Young Ambassadors, a paid opportunity for students supported by Art Fund

Student opportunities

These grants enable museums to offer paid opportunities for students, benefiting both museums and students in a range of exciting ways.

We will consider applications for grants up to £10,000.

The programme enables students to explore an interest in the arts alongside future career options, while providing organisations with extra capacity which is skilled and accountable.

The aim of this funding is to help museums, galleries and visual arts organisations provide paid opportunities for full-time university students to gain meaningful, developmental work experience that enables them to explore their interest in the arts, and related future career options, before they graduate.

We encourage applications that focus on facilitating public engagement with art – whether that be online or in real life.

We will fund the costs associated with paying students for the time they spend supporting your organisation in delivering projects. This is based on the current national and London living wage rates.

Please note, the grants cannot be used to cover:

  • Core staff costs

  • Costs relating to ongoing overheads

  • Retrospective activity – your project must not have started before you are due to receive a decision from us

Who can apply

We will consider applications from UK public museums, galleries, historic houses, libraries, archives, agencies and other visual arts organisations that:

  • have a public presence (e.g. a building open to the public) or a public outcome (e.g. a festival or public art programme)

  • can demonstrate that they operate to standards of best practice within the sector (e.g. through Arts Council England Accreditation)

Please note that all participating students will be contracted to work for you, the partner organisation, via your HR team.

All grant recipients will be asked to sign our conditions for paid opportunities.

Who cannot apply
  • Organisations that exist to make profit, including Private Limited Companies, Public Limited Companies, Companies Limited by Shares, Unlimited Companies, or Sole Traders

  • General Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, or Limited Liability Partnerships

  • Organisations with a focus on music, drama, dance, and art forms outside the visual arts

  • Commercial organisations

  • Artists’ groups

  • Hospitals/healthcare settings

  • Places of worship

Key deadlines

The next Student Opportunities grant deadlines are:

  • Wednesday 18 September 2024

  • Friday 10 January 2025

  • Friday 9 May 2025

  • Friday 19 September 2025

How to apply

Your application

Read the guidance

Download the Guidance for applicants which explains our criteria for funding, helps you apply for a grant and gives you guidance on filling out the application form.

Get in touch

To discuss opportunities or if you haven’t found what you need in the Guidance for applicants, get in touch with Rob Dingle, Senior Programme Manager.

Submit your application

For application forms and to apply, please log in to your professional account, or create an account. You must be registered as a professional user. If you already have an account, but are not registered as a professional user, you can add your professional details when logged in.

In advance of submitting your application please use the Word template to keep a saved copy as we may need to request this from you.

The next submission deadline is Wednesday 25 September 2024.

After you've applied

Acknowledgement of application

All applications are assessed in the first instance by an Art Fund programme manager. They will provide initial feedback and discuss with you if the application needs further development before it can be progressed.

Claim your grant

If your application is successful, we will send you our offer paperwork with more details on how to claim your grant.

Receive feedback

If your application is unsuccessful, we will email you to let you know the outcome and offer feedback if relevant.

Frequently asked questions

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