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In 1903, a group of visionary individuals set up a fund to support UK museums and galleries. Their legacy of private philanthropy has lasted and today, generous art lovers across the country support Art Fund to champion our great public art collections.

Art Partners are some of Art Fund's closest supporters: a special patrons group of art lovers, collectors and enthusiasts, united by a desire to see, celebrate and support the UK's best art collections.

Membership is £2,500 per year, or £209 per month by Direct Debit.*

*For Gift Aid purposes we are required to indicate the value of the membership benefits we offer. Any donation voluntarily given above the agreed value of benefits will be eligible for Gift Aid.

'I am an Art Partner because I want the impact of my support to be felt across the country, from Kirkcudbright to Plymouth and everywhere in between'

Unexpected, unforgettable art experiences

We take Art Partners to see art in new ways, through expert eyes and in unexpected places.

Art Partners enjoy exclusive access throughout the year, from private views of major exhibitions to meeting artists in their studios – all tailored around remarkable collections, brilliant works of art and the breadth of Art Fund support for museums and galleries.

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How your support helps

Art Partners provide crucial funding for all areas of our work. Together, we help museums across the UK acquire important works of art, for everyone to enjoy. We invest in the future of our brightest young curators, and fund the development of innovative schemes that enable museums to do more for their visitors.

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