Help tell the story of Oxford through its local pubs

at Museum of Oxford, Oxfordshire

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We will keep you up to date with all the pub and brewery happenings as well as giving you recognition online. You will be kept in the loop about the Museum's development and the instalment of this exciting exhibition.

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Set of four beer mats designed exclusively for the campaign

Put your pint down on one of these unique beer mats. This  pack of four mats features artwork by  Rachel Barbaresi, which was made on the Bodleian Library's historic Bibliographical Press.  The artwork features names of some of Oxford's pubs past and present. They are a stylish edition to any coffee table or  bar.

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Exclusive tote bag

Designed by local artist Rachel Barbaresi, these unique and limited edition tote bags feature pub names and a map of some of Oxford’s lost pubs. The original print has been created using Oxford University’s Bodleian Library's historic Bibliographic Press. Rachel is an artist who uses archive information to create these special pieces.  

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Exclusive growler and fill up

The local ‘Teardrop Pub’ in Oxford’s historic covered market sells the delicious beer of the Church Hanbrewery. Hand crafted and made in small batches, they sell some very unique tipples. A growler is a 2 pint reusable container that you can take to the Teardrop and get refills. With this reward you get a limited edition version of the growler plus one fill up from the pub. Cheers! You will need to pick up your limited edition Growler from the Museum of Oxford and then take to the Covered Market Teardrop pub where they will  fill it up for you.

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Limited edition edition print by Charlotte Hepburn

Charlotte Hepburn’s A4 line drawing print of the Allied Arms Pub has been created for the Museum of Oxford. It is a great addition to any living room – bringing this local to your home! The Allied Arms was a pub in the Rose Hill area of the city and was once known as the King of Prussia before being renamed during WWI. It later returned to being called the King of Prussia before it burnt down. 

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Limited edition framed print by Rachel Barbaresi

Rachel Barbaresi’s specially created design as a limited edition print. Created with the help of the Bodleian Library’s Bibliographic Press, this A3 sized version of the print is framed and ready to hang in your home.

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Original signed print by Rachel Barbaresi (44 left)

Original signed print by Rachel Barbaresi This is a really special reward! These prints by Rachel Barbaresi  feature past and present pubs of Oxford as well as a map of the St Ebbes area, a part of the city completely altered by the building of the shopping centre. These prints are part of a limited run of 50 directly from the Bodleian Library’s Bibliographic Press. These A2 sized prints come in a tube to keep in pristine condition and are signed  by the artist. These are not available anywhere else and have been specifically created for the Museum of Oxford.

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Private tour for two with original signed print (5 left)

At this level you get a private tour for two of the new Museum of Oxford and the pubs and breweries display before it opens to the public. You will also get one of the limited signed prints from the £200 level. This private tour will take in the full Museum of Oxford experience, including testing the pubs interactive game before anyone else. The new museum will open in late 2020, so expect to visit at this time. You will also get an invite to a special launch event of the new Museum of Oxford.

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Private tour for four with afternoon beer tasting and totes

A private tour of the Museum for yourself and three guests before the public opening. Not only will you get to see the Museum of Oxford before anyone else, but you will also be treated to a beer tasting experience of some of Oxford’s best beers. Better still, tote bags for all! What better experience than to get to drink a few beers around objects covering over a thousand years of Oxford's history? You will also get an invite to a special launch event of the new Museum of Oxford

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