Robert Smith at Creative Foundation, Kent

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Updates + online mention

Enjoy regular project updates and a citation on the Art Happens website.

9 Funders



A set of eight postcards featuring our favourite nuggets from Bob and Roberta Smith’s inspiring teaching videos.

11 Funders


Tote bag

A tote bag created exclusively for the project, with a rallying cry from Bob and Roberta Smith's inspiring teaching videos.

17 Funders


Sketchbook + tour

A Bob and Roberta Smith sketchbook – featuring ideas emerging from the brain – for all of the ideas emerging from yours. Plus a tour of the Folkestone Triennial to get you inspired.

3 Funders


Poster + tote bag

An exclusive A2 poster with Bob and Roberta Smith’s art school proclamation, plus a tote bag inspired by the project (£25 reward).

5 Funders


Signed poster + sketchbook + tote

A FOLKESTONE IS AN ART SCHOOL poster (£60 reward), signed by Bob and Roberta Smith, plus a tote bag (£25 reward) and a sketchbook (£45 reward).

10 Funders


Limited-edition print

Limited-edition print of Bob and Roberta Smith’s Brain Drawing, signed by the artist._x000D_ _x000D_ Coming soon: Watch Bob and Roberta Smith's teaching videos to see how the artist uses Brain Drawing to illustrate how the brain works (his own great ideas include abstract language, colour, smell, and a Tunnock's Tea Cake).

3 Funders


Framed limited-edition print + meet the artist

An invitation to meet Bob and Roberta Smith at the FOLKESTONE IS AN ART SCHOOL cohort exhibition and graduation ceremony. Plus a framed limited-edition print of his painting, Collaborating with my Dead Dad. _x000D_ _x000D_ Reflecting on art and identity, Collaborating with my Dead Dad sees the artist paint abstract shapes ‘inspired by Benny Goodman’s clarinet’ on top of his late father’s painting of West Burton Falls.
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