David Hockney, Dog Painting, 1995.

Portraits of Dogs: From Gainsborough to Hockney

The Wallace Collection, London
29 March - 15 October 2023

Explore our enduring devotion to dogs, mankind’s most faithful friend, over centuries of art.

From the Rococo paintings of Thomas Gainsborough to modern masterpieces by David Hockney, our four-legged friends pop up in the work of numerous celebrated artists across generations. Dogs can be seen alongside humans in some of the earliest cave paintings, and the British in particular are known for commissioning and collecting portraits of their canine companions.

The exhibition features a number of works in painting, drawing, sculpture and even taxidermy, and there is a particular focus on the unique genre of dog portraiture. Over 50 works highlight the special bond between humans and their doggies.

Why you should go

  • Celebrate our loyal furry friends – woof woof!

  • See works of art by the likes of Gainsborough, Hockney, Da Vinci and more.

  • Explore the beautiful Wallace Collection

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